Wednesday, 15 February 2017

A 'Different League' in 2017

After last season was titled 'This Is Our Time' , it certainly was for three side as they shared the main honours with Wigan taking the top prize of Super League Champions while Warrington took the League Leaders Shield and Hull FC became Challenge Cup winners.

Last year, saw a second best year in terms of personal attendance in RL terms as well as providing a lot of coverage while as part of the Serious About Rugby League team. This year, I am no longer part of the SARL team with the departure partially due to being cast aside in November after managing the site/platforms for the majority of the year and a wish not to work with the team anymore after such event.

This means that although RL travels will continue as best they can, the video features will no longer be produced, more that the small clips will feature in my weekly diary series. Some travels in 2017 will be important ones with Leeds away seeing a quest to end a 100% losing streak, a return to Wakefield to right the wrongs of last years 62-0 loss and also a 50/50 chance of Castleford after the troubles of last season.

As with the opening post from last year, travels will of course depend on finances which means the dream of visiting Catalans is likely not to feature in 2017. The 2017 mantra matches the one chosen by the RFL - 'A Different League'.