Friday, 21 March 2014

Warriors Triumph Over Wolves

Wigan travelled to Warrington looking for a first Super League win over the Wolves since 2010 while Warrington looked to avenge their defeat to the Warriors in last season's Grand Final.

Wigan were without captain Sean O'Loughlin and the suspended Michael McIlorum but buoyed by the form of Matty Bowen after a mixed start to the season and got to a good start as Joe Burgess' dash down the right let to Warrington taking in goal and leading to a dropout but Wigan were unable to take advantage of it with the opening score.

Both sides continued to exchange sets but Wigan got lucky when Joe Burgess broke away and with the line in sight he unselfishly passed to Liam Farrell who went over for the try in front of the home fans who were treated to a loud roar from the away end. Matty Smith successfully converted to give Wigan the lead at 0-6.

Wigan had a good chance to increase the lead when a Matty Smith kick came back to him off a Warrington defender but despite the 'six more' tackles the chance was wasted but Wigan did get over the line again in the 20th minute after taking advantage of a penalty award as Logan Tomkins found John Bateman and he went over under pressure but the decision went to the video referee and was chalked off.

The superb atmosphere from the away end was curtailed by a smoke bomb in the upper echelons but it failed to damage the spirit of the fans who saw a succession of penalties for both sides ended by John Bateman knocking on as the wet weather began to cause trouble in ball handling.

Jack Hughes knocked on for Wigan in the next set and James Laithwaite did so for the hosts but Wigan this time took advantage as they forced a dropout and minutes later were awarded a penalty in a brilliant position with Matty Smith kicking successfully for a 0-8 lead.

A twist of luck ensured Wigan nilled Warrington in the first half as after a Wigan penalty was stopped from going into touch by the hosts, the ball was fumbled and dead as the hooter sounded for the break.

Wigan's luck must have been still in the tunnel as the second half began as Matty Smith kicked into touch but Warrington failed to capitalise as the weather intervened again as both sides knocked on but like in the first half it was Wigan who took the advantage as Liam Farrell picked out Blake Green and he went over for a try in front of the joyous Wigan fans. Matty Smith missed from the kicking tee but Wigan now led for a 0-12 lead.

Warrington got themselves on the score board after Gene Ormsby intercepted a Matty Bowen pass and raced through the defence and over the try line with ease but Stefan Ratchford missed the conversion leaving them eight points behind at 4-12.

The sides exchanged a number of sets with Warrington blowing chances to score after fumbles and a forward pass while in a good position but when Wigan were awarded a penalty with a minute to go the deficit should have increased but Matty Smith missed for the first time all night and at the hooter, Wigan celebrated a 4-12 win that ended a poor run of seven without a win against the Wolves in Super League that propels them to 6th in the table.

Special thanks tonight go to and @Gary_Fev 
for making the win even sweeter as for a change I had some to cheer with at an away game.