Saturday, 13 April 2013

Bradford v Wigan preview

Sitting at the top of Super League, Wigan travel to a revitalised Bradford who currently sit fifth a year after being on the bring of liquidation and have turned themselves into a really good side with six wins to their name this season.

They also have the fact that they beat Wigan in their last meeting 30-22 at the DW last summer but were previously thrashed 54-16 at Odsal. Both sides have had their ups and downs in recent years with Bradford reaching Grand Finals and Wigan narrowly avoiding relegation to the Warriors topping the table and Bradford languishing in the bottom half of the table.

Wigan welcome back a lot of their injured stars with Charnley, O'Loughling, Hansen, Mossop and the jet lagged Richards all returning to the 19 while Bradford welcome back Platt to their squad.

Bradford: Donaldson, Sidlow, Langley, Manuokafoa, Gale, Kearney, Scruton, L'Estrange, Purtell, Lulia, Whitehead, Kear, Sammut, Addy, Olbison, Walker, Evans, Platt, Diskin.
Wigan:  Charnley, Crosby, Dudson, Farrell, Flower, Goulding, Green, Hansen, Hughes, McIlorum, Mossop, O'Loughlin, Powell, Richards, Smith, Taylor, Thornley, Tomkins, Tomkins.

Due to both sides doing well this season, I think the game would have been really close with Wigan's current squad but the return of so many stars might open the game up a bit more so i am going to say Bradford 12 Wigan 36.